about me!!


first things first, a quick primer about me, using some blinkies, too!

neurodivergent social anxiety night person time blind

im otherkin, a protogen otherkin! i have species dysphoria and phantom limbs, so please don't say im not a protogen, it makes it worse! oh, and don't call me a toaster, i hate that!

i have a tendency to go non-verbal if im under too much stress, panicking, or am generally burnt out of socializing, if this happens, be patient, getting pestered while non-verbal usually makes it last longer

impaired hearing! i have a constant, very loud ringing in my ear (not tinnitus, test results for that were negative) and it makes it difficult for me to hear things. i do my best to mitigate it on my end but sometimes i will need to ask for things to be repeated!

lots of memory problems, i often forget things very quickly and have trouble recalling things that happened mere days ago. please be patient if i can't remember something you ask me about!


up next, things you should not talk about around me, with short explanations as to why

trigger list

anything to do with doctors, hospitals, syringes, or needles

blood, even if it's minor, but only irl/realistic blood bothers me, most video game stuff is ok!

insects and arachnids, they put me into a panic, but cartoony depictions are ok, ill just be a little uncomfy

most body horror, especially if it's related to eyes (scopophobia + eyes being a sensitive thing for me in general) or things underneath your skin/bursting out from you

food, i have an ED and i can't eat most food, or even look at the stuff, so please refrain from showing me pictures of it!

transformation/assimilation, especially if it's anything to do with changed, it makes me very uncomfortable and has a high risk of causing a panic attack

hypnosis, for similar reasons to the above


and lastly, the DNI list, aka, if you fit any of these terms, go away! i don't want you here or anywhere else near me!

DNI list


"zoophiles" (animal abusers)


those who claim systems aren't real





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