my interests!!


back 4 blood

i fucking LOOOVE this game!! it's so god damn fun and it's such a nice refresh of the l4d formula!

there is SO much i love about the game, i can't list all of it, but here's some of the best:

the card system, the art direction, the character writing, character designs, the level design of hives, and probably way more i forgot!

if you haven't already, check the game out, please! it's so awesome, and is still getting updated!

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night in the woods

night in the woods is a very, very important game to me

i relate to every main character in some way, but, the two that i relate to the closest are bea and angus

my life overall has been, rocky, just like angus in the early years and just like bea in my current years, but just like them, ive pressed on through life anyway

the game, overall, had me thinking the entire time, about life, about what i was doing with it, and about friends, both still around, and friends ive since drifted away from

it had a large impact on my life, and im very thankful i gave it a shot after having ignored it for so long, it was an amazing experience

if you haven't, i highly recommend playing this game, and don't just look up a walkthrough, it's something you should experience personally, not through watching someone else's actions

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vintage tech!

all the stuff from here on out is gonna be more generic so no fancy logos from the stuff it's about lol

if you couldn't already tell from this website's entire aesthetic, i fucking adore old school technology and the early days of the internet

my first computer was an old family pc running a dual boot of windows xp and ubuntu, although at the time i was only about 6 years old so i stuck with xp

because of where i grew up, i have an affinity for vintage technology and its history, im always looking into the history of things like the internet, computers, and various other pieces of hardware

it's one of, if not my biggest hobbies, and i wouldn't trade it for any other


game development!

game development is something ive always been interested in since i was a child

while playing games i was always thinking "wow, how'd they make this, how'd they pull that trick off?"

it grew into a desire to preserve development assets of games when possible, and i now have a local archive of all sorts of leaks and beta content of games i enjoy!

i didn't stop at that, though, i also just so happen to be a modder too! i love creating content for my favorite games, and although most of what i play doesn't allow it, i still try anyway

i primarily work in 3d modelling for my mods, although im also practicing with texture work and UI design, not because i want this to be a job, but because it's fun!



my taste in music is, unique, to say the least

i primarily listen to soundtracks from games i like, especially ones that are important to me

the soundtracks i listen to the most are Night in the Woods and Cry of Fear, both being equally important to me for different reasons

some other soundtracks i enjoy just for being good are Majora's Mask, Back 4 Blood, Don't Starve, Fallout: New Vegas, and Dying Light.

if you thought id have any normal music, nope! just video game soundtracks! that's just how i am, and that's how i like it


that's about it for now! ill be adding more later when i remember stuff lol

consider this part of my site always under construction because of that!

under construction!