A page dedicated to all of my cats that have moved on, usually far too early, unfortunately.

In Memory of Karma

A Loving Mother

RIP 2022-2024

The kitten of a feral cat, she slowly warmed up to me and became an absolute sweetheart. She was a lapcat, she never sat still unless you were rubbing her, she had such an adorable little voice. In 2023 she had kittens, and they're all sweethearts just like her. Sadly, she was hit by a car, speeding down our street recklessly. It was a quick death, but still heartbreaking. She will be missed dearly.

In Memory of Maroz

A Polite Little Man

RIP 2020-2021

The smallest, quietest, and sweetest cat I've ever had. I loved him with all my heart, and I'll forever miss him after he had been hit by a truck speeding down our street, not even bothering to stop.