This website contains dangerous amounts of laziness. It is advised you don't bring this up as Klaaru is aware of it and won't do anything about it other than cry.

Welcome to my corner of the Net!

This is my personal little website where I can just put whatever I want here! I'm not very skilled with HTML or CSS, but I keep practicing anytime I update my site!

Navigation is at the top of the page, go take a look around!

By the way, sorry mobile users, but my website isn't optimized for phones or tablets! It'll function but the layout is broken. Maybe come back on a PC?

What's new?

Added a new "age gate" page to the NSFW section of my about pages. It's not much, just a heads up of what kind of content will be there and a message to go away if you're a minor. I don't know how to have an "enter age here" element on here yet but that'll be added at some point, hopefully. I've also redone the NSFW page itself, it's still WIP, has a lot less in it now, basically just NSFW social links, but it also now has new artwork to act as the invite link to the Discord server I run there.

- Contact Me! -

These are some of the ways you can get in touch with me. Keep in mind that I'm somewhat slow to respond, as I'm trying to be less "terminally online" and enjoy life a bit more.

Steam Mastodon

- My Stuff! -

I also have places where you can see my creative stuff! It's mainly just Toyhouse. Actually, it's only Toyhouse right now, but I also have some other creative stuff I do in the "My Work" page here, go check that out too! Toyhouse is more character and story stuff, but the stuff over on that page is modding, game dev, stuff like that!