why neocities?


why'd i choose neocities as my web host when there's other, far more professional ones?

because this age of web design is important to me

i grew up alongside the internet in the early 2000s, first starting out in 2006, and it left a very lasting impact on me

i saw personal websites just like this as they were dying out, i saw personal websites evolve into the, at the time, more modern designs

but these older personal sites felt more real to me, so simple, no backend to upkeep, just plain html, css, and a bunch of tiny gifs

as i grew up, so did the internet, and it became something i hated, it was advertisements, corporations, hard to find anyone's personal website or even host your own, it sucks

i can appreciate the new technology, such as the advancements in HTML and CSS, but overall, the internet just became worse, it no longer felt like people were running the internet

after a few years of just dealing with the new web, i found out about mastodon, which felt like social media back to how it should have been, and then soon after, i discovered the yesterweb through neocities

ever since then, ive been exclusively using mastodon as my only social media platform, and have been keeping this website up on neocities as my personal site and introduction for myself when meeting new people

if you're reading this and you have the same appreciation for the yesterweb as i do, check out the website below! i think you'd like it if you feel the same way i do about the web