That's right, this Protogen likes to write a blog! What, you didn't expect that? Well, surprise, he does! I'm running out of things to write in these marquees..
WIP page!WIP page!WIP page!WIP page!WIP page!

A Blog? In [Current Year]?

Yep, a blog! This is a heavy, HEAAVY WIP though!

I enjoy writing blog entries about, well, just stuff I wanna talk about! Social media platforms can never have enough space for my full thoughts on anything, so I decided to make this. Thought it'd be fun, too! I originally wanted it to all be in one page, because that looked like a cool idea, but my site's CSS broke down in tears when I introduced the CSS needed for that, and I am not good enough to fix it yet, so we get separate pages! It's easier to manage this way, anyway.

So here we are, my blog! Entries are listed newest to oldest, date is listed in the US format of MM/DD/YY. I would have it change depending on your locale, but I haven't gotten that working just yet! Needs some custom JS for that.

At some point I might implement commenting on each blog post! I haven't learned how to do that yet, though, most services I see that'd work here on Neocities don't really fit the needs here...